IICF Midwest Charitable Focus Areas 

 Education:  We support organizations that work to:

  • make sure high school students graduate ready for success and prepared to earn post-secondary degrees
  • support or create high-quality early learning programs in the Midwest

SafetyWe support organizations that work to:

  • develop improved, longer-lasting solutions to end family homelessness
  • provide safe home and shelter programs for victims of domestic abuse and/or work to eradicate social conditions which contribute to violence against women and children

HealthWe support organizations that:

  • improve or provide access to affordable healthy foods
  • encourage and/or promote inclusive opportunities for physical activity in schools and communities
  • provide services to children battling a serious/life threatening illness

Deadline for proposals:  September 15 

PLEASE NOTE: Your organization must be recommended by an IICF Board Member prior to July 15


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Midwest Grants