Key Partners

  • ACE Group
  • Aon
  • Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
  • CNA
  • HUB International
  • Wells Fargo
  • Zurich

IICF Key Partners Program:

In recognition of our key funding companies, and to encourage multiple-division participation by a single organization/company, the IICF has established the Key Relationship Program (KRP). 

The KRP recognizes significant funding partners by providing economy of scale funding and other selected benefits not offered to companies supporting a single division.  The KRP acknowledges and appreciates the funding and leadership commitment made by these outstanding organizations. 

KRP Benefits

Presently, three benefits are offered to our Key Relationship Program Members: 

  1. The KRP partners can receive discounted annual board membership fees for all divisions.  Currently, the minimum annual board membership fee is $12,000 per division.  KRP partners can choose to pay only $10,000 for each of their required three or four divisional memberships.
  2. The KRP participants will receive annual dinner priority table placement and preferred website logo placement.
  3. All companies/organizations participating in the KRP are eligible for a National Board of Governors seat at no additional cost to the organization.  National Board seats are evaluated every two years by the National Board of Governors.

As the IICF continues to grow, the foundation will establish additional benefits for its KRP participants.

Qualifications for Eligibility in the Key Relationship Program: 

  • $50,000 annual support for IICF and
  • Board participation in 3 or more IICF Divisions



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