IICF Week of Giving: October 14-21

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Hear how the insurance industry is supporting Week of Giving 2018.

Helping Victims of the California Wildfires

California is currently in a state of emergency with active wildfires raging across the state, and more than 150,000 acres already burned.
Tens of thousands of Californians are directly affected by these devastating fires.

You can help with a contribution to the IICF California Wildfire Relief Fund.  With so many evacuated and facing the bleak reality left in the wake of these wildfires, and the heartbreak of homes lost and even worse – the need for help is immense.

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IICF California Wildfire Relief Fund

100% of the proceeds will directly benefit local response and relief efforts.

Now is a crucial time for so many in need, and in joining as a united industry we can truly embody the IICF mission of helping communities, together. 


Help After Hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey. Give Today.

To help those in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and beyond, affected so severely by the devastating aftermath of the recent hurricanes, please consider a contribution to the IICF Disaster Relief Funds.

100% of these donations will benefit individuals and families affected by the hurricanes. IICF is working with local nonprofit organizations in each of these regions, providing direct assistance in the local communities.

The short-term needs in so many of these communities remain critical in the aftermath of these unprecedented hurricanes and flooding.

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IICF Hurricane Harvey
Disaster Relief Fund
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IICF Hurricanes Irma/Maria
Disaster Relief Fund

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